About Us

Arrive Consulting is a B.C.-based consulting company that specializes in helping our clients meet their needs by providing a range of services tailored to each client and project. We bring together talented teams of consultants with diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

Our Vision

To contribute our skills to work that creates a positive difference in the world by creating personal and systemic change.

Our Mission

  • To create learning experiences and dialogues that promote self-realization, reconciliation, and decolonization.

  • To support Indigenous self-determination and cultural resurgence by working with Indigenous organizations and Nations to meet their goals. 

Our Core Beliefs  

We believe in the inherent worth of each individual and the value that they contribute. When developing learning experiences, this means creating autonomy and choice for the learner and starting from a place that centres their knowledge and curiosity. When facilitating discussions, this means creating space for each person to be heard and honoured for their unique perspectives. When delivering projects, this means taking a co-creation approach that brings together the wisdom and innovation of the whole team.

We believe in creating a better world through personal and systemic change. We develop learning experiences that bring about shifts in understanding, attitudes and feelings and lead to personal growth. Our work links together personal development with meaningful systems change because we believe that changing hearts and minds will change the world.

We believe in anti-oppression and decolonization. Our work promotes this belief through two avenues: Supporting reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and supporting self-determination for Indigenous Nations and organizations.