What's in a Name?

I chose the name “Arrive Consulting” for my business because arriving means getting somewhere, and that is what I like to help people do.  Every project is a journey, and the process can be as important at the destination.  But at the end of the day, everyone wants to arrive at a place they feel good about.  For many years, people have told me, “You’re so good at getting things done” and “Thank you for helping us achieve our goals.”  In my business, I work to support organizations and individuals to achieve their aspirations in a way that aligns with their values.

​To me, the word arrive also carries a sense of “coming home.”  Sharing what I am good at with the world, through my business, is a way for me to “come home” professionally—to be myself, to express my fullest potential, and to do work that feels positive and rewarding because it benefits others.  

Another reason the term arrive resonates with me is that it connotes a connection with a specific place.   You arrive somewhere.  Just as every place is unique, I believe that people and organizations are unique, and they need unique solutions.  In my work, I tailor my approach to the specific needs of my clients and help them to arrive at the place where they feel satisfied.

--Rachel Mason, Principal Consultant