Learning Solutions

Creation of engaging and impactful learning experiences to effect personal and organizational change for your employees, students, clients or target audience 

Personalized and learner-centred approaches

Supporting educators to implement inquiry-based learning and Indigenization 


​Helping you reach your audience through development of high-quality research and writing 

Multi-media communications such as videos and webinars

​Variety of documents: Briefings, reviews, reports, qualitative and quantitive research


Helping you meet your goals in the timeframes you desire

A flexible approach that is uniquely tailored to fit each client

Getting the Job Done

We help you arrive at solutions that work for your team through a range of interconnected services, including:

Our Commitments

Providing a wide array of services to meet your interconnected needs

Flexible Approach


Navigating difficult conversations with methods that directly involve teams implementing change 

Bringing together diverse ideas to find consensus and plan for the future

Training delivery and stakeholder engagement

Strategic Planning and Project Management

Visioning and action planning

Creation of strategic plans and work plans to drive your vision

Reporting, operational planning, monitoring and evaluation

Project team leadership and mentorship 

Integrated Solutions

The work we do will make a positive difference in the world:  All of us got into this work because it is personally meaningful to us, and we believe it will contribute to a more just and caring world. Whether we are supporting strategic planning, developing reports, or designing and delivering learning experiences, we do it all with the intention that the work will have a real, positive impacts on peoples’ lives. 

Our work will be guided by Indigenous perspectives:  We work in cross-cultural teams of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people, and everyone’s perspective is valued. However, we believe that Indigenous knowledge and worldviews should guide our work, and we value the knowledge and leadership brought by the Indigenous Elders and consultants that are part of our teams. 

Clients will always be satisfied:  We are committed to high-quality products and ensuring that clients are satisfied every single time. We ensure client satisfaction by starting our projects with a strong understanding of the goals and scope, committing to regular communication with clients throughout the work, and maintaining high standards for quality assurance. 

Working with us will be a positive experience:  We believe that quality relationships are as important as quality products. We enjoy getting to know our clients and collaborating and co-creating with them. We make time for personal connection and take steps to make the work fun, engaging and rewarding.