Providing a wide array of services to meet your interconnected needs

Helping you meet your goals in the timeframes you desire


We have a very personalized approach to working with groups and organizations. When we first meet with clients we ask a lot of questions to find out more about them, understand their goals, and determine how we best can support them. During the course of our work with a client, we frequently check in with them to make sure we’re in agreement about the direction the work is going.  This is important to us because we want to ensure that the end result is exactly what the client is looking for. 

​We understand that in today's fast-paced world, organizations are very busy and need to meet critical objectives within tight timelines.  One of our greatest strengths is our ability to “get things done,” and move work forward in a good way that honours the perspectives of all participants.  In our work, relationships are as important as deliverables. If you hire Arrive Consulting, you can rely on us to get you the results you want within the timeline you need.   


Learning Solutions

Creation of engaging and impactful learning experiences to effect personal and organizational change for your employees, students, clients or target audience 

Personalized and learner-centred approaches

Supporting educators to implement inquiry-based learning and Indigenization 


​Helping you reach your audience through development of high-quality research and writing 

Grant writing and proposal development

​Variety of documents: Briefings, reviews, reports, qualitative and quantitive research

We help you arrive at solutions that work for your team through a range of interconnected services, including:


Navigating difficult conversations with methods that directly involve teams implementing change 

Art of Hosting tools:  Open Space Technology, World Café, Circles, and more

Finding consensus and planning for the future, training delivery and stakeholder engagement

Strategy Development and Project Management

Visioning and action planning

Creation of strategic plans and work plans to drive your vision

Project team leadership and mentorship 

A flexible approach that is uniquely tailored to fit each client

Getting the Job Done

Integrated Solutions

Flexible Approach